thief of joy

“It’s so frustrating! things don’t always go the way I plan them to happen!”

These words, mumbled in my head, everyday for the past years.

There are so many things I want to do, a detailed plan of the kind of person I want to be and yet, it seems like nothing is falling into place no matter how hard I try. These damn frustration stole my happiness, locked it in a chest and threw away the key so far away, that I thought, never would I be freed from grief.

To man belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the reply of the tongue

– Proverbs 16:9

As I grew older, I have learned that we can make so many things in life, one is that our happiness should not be tied to our success, ideal love and bank accounts but the other way around – meaning, our HAPPINESS yields these things. It is the fertilizer to our soil which promotes our growth.

Think of it like this, what if one day, I was able to grab all I ever wanted in my hands and accidently, it slipped through my fingers – where will my happiness go? I will be left with nothing, not even my soul.

“I will be happy when…

… I become this person

… when I get promoted at my job

… when I buy a house

… if I meet the one.”

Sometimes, unhealthy planning is a total hogwash. It is a thief of joy.

Understand that “happiness” is a way of life, the motivating factor to bring us amazing things in life, not just success. And it is definitely not a reward to claim when you achieve certain dreams in life.

Avoid the habit of making deals with the universe, start choosing happiness today. Only you will be able to create it, if you decide to.

What do you mean by “Decide to”? you might ask.


Treat yourself like the person you love. Take time know your strengths and your weaknesses. Accept that we cannot always be our ideal person. Speak good words with it. Feed it delicious and nutritious foods. Support its hobbies.

It actually comes down to appreciating the mundane things in life.

When you know how to be grateful on small things, even like, waking up for a new day, You will know what I am trying to say. And then, you will have a positive outlook on life, next comes happiness.

A happy person can create miracles in this world that surpasses all known human. JUST DECIDE and BELIEVE.

2 thoughts on “thief of joy

  1. Appreciating the mundane things in life is such an under-appreciated perspective. Because life consists mostly of mundane tasks, and the present moment always seems to pale in comparison to the potential of the future.

    But choosing joy wherever we’re at is the real skill, and your post is a great reminder to do exactly that. Thanks for sharing!

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